Look, I know we have all spent the last 2o months in pj bottoms,  eating take out with 6” roots , living life from the waist up over zoom, but things are looking up. We are all vaccinated up, we’re starting to venture out of our caves, back into the office, into restaurants and salons AND there’s the upcoming holiday season. You don’t want to end up looking like old Ned here, although the cape IS fabulous.

Yes, Winter is coming ladies and with winter comes indoor heating, dry skin and staticky hair.

For so many of us, pandemic stress has been off the hook and the last thing many of us have worried about was our skin and our hair, but let’s get it together.  This year, take the time to pamper yourself and/or gift a product or treatment to someone you love who could use a little nudge in the self care department. Here a few of my favourite treats to perk up dull, winter skin and hair. Check back from time to time as I might add products as I discover them.

Jet Peel Facial

Jet Peel

The basics of Jet Peel

If you are looking for an indulgent facial that will have your skin looking it’s absolute best for a special occasion, consider a Jet Peel. This minimally invasive treamtent is used to treat or improve a number of skin conditions from promoting wound healing, improvement with acne and minor lines to hyperhidrosis as a more long term treatment. If you have pretty good skin, getting one of these facials right before a big event would be a wonderful indulgence and will give you skin like a baby’s bottom.

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The Beauty of Eczema

The Beauty of Eczema

Natural, vegan and cruelty free products formulated for dry, sensitive skin

This vegan line of dermatologically tested, skincare products, is just what you need if you have any type of dry, sensitive skin including eczema – it’s gentle enough to use on babies. The Beauty of Eczema’s full line includes a skin wash, moisturizer, bath oil and bath salts, formulated specially for sensitive skin. Developed by Camille Knowles (author of the best selling book that goes by the same name as the line), was just six years old when she was diagnosed with severe eczema. Eventually, it got so bad that she was hospitalized, so she decided to do something to offer hope and help to others manage their sensitive skin.



Slathering on the Culture probiotic night recovery cream is the highlight of my bedtime routine – I don’t normally like scented products but this one brings back memories I can’t put my finger on, but I love it.

Glow RitualI love so many products from this New Zealand line of beauty products that it’s hard to pick just a couple but the gift boxes are so beautifully designed in house by artist Catherine Marion that they make gifting extra special. Another fave that is always in my professional make up kit is their Glow Ritual Vitamin C Serum. It brightens the skin and adds a sun kissed, almost shimmery golden glow. LOVE.

Miracle10 Facial Peel Treatment

My personal favourite facial is the Miracle10 – I wrote about my visit to MDBeauty’s Scollard St clinic back in 2019 and I have been getting them ever since as pandemic lockdowns have allowed. It combines exfoliation therapy and a unique dermaplaning approach with a lactic acid, glycolic acid, or salicylic acid peel and leaves you with glowing skin. If you are like me, the hypnotic scraping of your skin might just lull you into a wee nap.

MD Beauty

Dermalogica Deeply Nourishing Duo

I’m not saying that we might over indulge in too much Prosecco and under indulge in sleepy during the holidays BUT if we do, nothing is better than a great power recovery masque followed by a super rich repair cream. The MultiVitamin Power Recovery Masque is packed with vitamins A,C and E and Linoleic Acid with lots of lovely botanicals will rescue stressed out skin while the Super Rich Repair Cream will replenish your skin’s natural moisture. Dermalogica is offering this duo for a special price as a Holiday Limited Edition. It’s currently on sale for $156 (regularly priced at $208) so get yours while quantities last. You will thank me in January.

Dry Shampoo and Shine Set

Now that small holiday gatherings look to be back on the table, don’t let limp hair that’s a day past it’s prime hold you back from a last minute invite. Back for Seconds Dry Shampoo and Shine Set includes everything you need to give your hair some get up and go. For those who want shiny, healthy, clean looking hair, this set features Amika’s new Top Gloss Shine Spray, Perk Up Dry Shampoo and Flash Instant Shine Mask. Dry shampoo can also give a bit of lift at the root for fine hair so it’s not just for reviving greasy roots. Available at stores and beauty salons nationwide.Amika


Oribe Silverati

If, like me, you’ve chosen to celebrate your grey hair after a year of not getting it coloured, you are going to need a great shampoo/conditioner to keep your silver game strong. After trying a range of products from old lady blue rinses to masks and dark blue shampoo that stained my hands, I have fallen in love with Oribe Silverati. It’s certainly not the cheapest hair care products I have used but it helps me maintain my Silver Fox status. You can order it online from Oribe or salons and stores as well as Amazon.