Are you baffled when it comes to bars? With a dizzying array of protein bars on the market, it’s almost as confusing as the yogurt aisle- the options are endless! From special diets to trending ingredients, it seems like there’s a new bar being unveiled every week!
We tackled our way through literally dozens of bars over the past few months to round out the ones that don’t suck. And then we took it a step further, because these products serve distinct lifestyle choices, we broke them down into nifty categories. We’re on the edge of eating a capsule a day and wearing unisex unitards, but in the meantime, there’s the convenience of bars…

For that Road Trip

Our summer is peppered with weekend road trips, that vital lifeforce that keeps us from hibernating all year long. Trips like this are best with no stops, get to where you’re going with a full stomach and no need for any form of drive-thru.

If that checks a lot of boxes for you, it sounds like you also may have a kid or two in tow. We love the variety of CLIF Kid Zbar Filled, with a bumper crop of flavours, and fillings, to satisfy even the pickiest eater. Organic and high-fructose corn syrup free, these bars pack a punch and are a perfect size for your wee ones, but really a very palatable size for you too- it pairs well with that midday latte run just as well.

Made Good is a leader for nut-free and allergy aware products. Their super soft mini cookies are fun to eat, easy enough for kids to pop back, and also a convenient snack for moms too. Four flavours keep the fun factor high, and since they’re vegetable based, count it for your 5-10!

Stash for Snack Time

Ever feel woozy after skipping a meal? Meeting go into extra hours and now the hangry has you? We never leave home without a snack in our pack. When your blood sugar crashes and you need something STAT, these svelte bars can satisfy in a pinch, and give you that little something something to get you squared off until your next meal time.

If you’re nuts about nuts, then KIND bars are your best bet. The clear packaging leaves nothing to the imagination, the bars are pretty and unprocessed, just nuts and sweet stuff binding them together, creating a satisfying and sturdy bar that can roll around in your satchel until snack time. We love the sweet and salty notes from the Maple Glazed Pecan & Sea Salt. Swoon!

Packed with protein, but super low in sugar, Simply Protein bars are easy to love. The forward thinking ethos of Simply Protein brings the ingredients to the forefront, so you’re not relegated to squinting to see what’s inside. The crispy Whey bars are light enough to get through in a few bites, with no chalky aftertaste.

Best for your Gym Bag

Whether it’s post or pre workout, the almighty protein bar is an important step to feeding tired muscles, or giving you that added bounce to push yourself that extra bit further. There’s nothing worse than running on empty, so stow a few of these bars in your gym bag.

CLIF Whey Protein Bars are specially formulated to give you all the protein, while keeping the sugar at a safe 5g per serving. Three flavours all boast the same protein/sugar ratio, but Peanut Butter and Chocolate hits close to home, close your eyes and it’s a Reese Peanut Butter in disguise.

If you’re working on the gun show, then you need to amp up your protein intake and ensure those tired muscles get the nourishment they need. CLIF Builder’s Protein Bars are designed to do just that, formulated with important amino acids, these bars are best saved for beastmode – before or after.

Did we miss your favourite bar? Let us know what your favourite protein bar is in the comments below!