Most of us taken a closer look at how we live our lives especially in the past year and a half. The pandemic has made us adjust in many ways and  some ways for the better. What’s this got to do with Buick vehicles? Much more than we realize at first and when the company invited me out of the city for a quiet and relaxing moment and to discover the Buick Envision I was actually curious. The conversation began with how much we depend on our vehicles. They are more than just getting us from A to B, regardless of whether you’re the driver or passenger.

The pandemic has given way to a few trends. More people are moving out of the city. Once relying on walking, public transit, or ride share companies many have opted for more space for work and perhaps starting a family. Purchasing a home in Toronto has been an eye opening one thanks to rising home prices across the city. Many new home seekers are looking  towards areas like Brooklyn, Pickering, Ajax, and Stouffville. As companies have noticed that employees can still work efficiently remotely there are signs that this will be more long term.

Me and Harley taking in a much needed quiet moment out of the city!

Of course, working from home has its challenges. Those with barking dogs (hello, Covid puppy additions!) or a busy household understand the need a quiet space for those important calls sometimes. Something I  immediately thought of when I sat inside the Buick Envision. Yep, working from car (WFC) is a thing. By the way, why is it that whenever I’m on a call, Harley barks?

Road travel has also increased recently as more and more of us are looking to stick within our country for our vacation escapes so logically we look to vehicles that are reliable, safe and comfortable for long drives.

Growing families need the space as well. Kids are starting to return to extracurricular activities like hockey and we know how much space their gear takes up! Who is missing the early morning practices and  hitting the roads at the crack of dawn? Soon enough ski season will be here as well!

So, about the Buick Envision line. After exploring two of their vehicles, the Envision Sport Touring and the Envision Avenir,  I can see how they would make great extensions to our own lifestyle. I had learned Vancouver-based designer, Karin Bohn was tapped into for her insight when Buick created the latest models.

Karin’s award-winning interior design firm, The House Of Bohn, was established in 2009. Known for her work from private luxury residential spaces to retail, her aesthetic is both bold and timeless. You may even recognize her from the Netflix series Restaurants on the Edge where she travels with a team to provide her design expertise in some of the most beautiful destinations in the world.

How did Karin get involved? “I was first approached by Buick Canada to get involved with the Buick Envision to explore the parallels of design between Interior Design and Vehicle Design, which are actually very similar! Design really is in the details and the details in the Envision is what makes it so special,” she tells us.

Some of the design features that really stood out for her?
“In order for great design to take place, functionality is key! I like to take materials and try to find inventive and new ways to use them. One of the things I really love about the 2021 Buick Envision is how comfortable it is. From the second you open the door you see this from the leather seats, to the stitching. The incredible 10 inch screen is perfect for my drive and I love how the heads up display is integrated right into the glass!”

There are many great features on both the Buick Envision Sport Touring and the Buick Envision Avenir. A whirlwind tour showed me the highlights but good to note is owners can access what and how the various features work on a specific vehicle through the dash panel app directly linking you to the Buick guide easily.

Here are a few very thoughtful features for driver and passenger that really caught my attention. For a complete overview visit

Buick Envision (Sport Touring)

At first glance, this particular SUV appealed to me for its sleeker and more urban look. Its exterior design is bolder. Dare I say it has a little more attitude and has a more “badass” feel to it? Interior is spacious and comfortable no matter which seat you’re in.

  • Ergonomic control panel that is angled towards the driver for better view of apps (e.g. Apple Car Play, Android Auto, Spotify, OnStar, SiriusXM  and build in Amazon Alexa)
  • Automatic emergency braking
  • Lane Keep assist
  • Surround vision offers an overview so you can check for objects.
  • Rear view camera for a better view of what’s happening behind the vehicle.
  • Massage driver seat
  • Quiet technology to help absorb noises
  • Out of sight compartment for a small handbag located just under the driver seat
  • Spacious interior and cargo space
  • Exterior hands free cargo access
  • Air quality Indicator helps to keep air inside the vehicle fresher

Buick Envision Avenir

A luxurious  SUV loaded with intentional and thoughtful details. Comfort right from the moment you sit in any seat and confidently says “you have arrived”.

  • Angled touch-screen displayed towards the driver
  • Rearview mirror camera that offers the option to switch from traditional and camera views in case you have obstructions inside the vehicle
  • 360 degree surround camera
  • On window “Heads Up” display customizable for the most important road travel data (e.g. speedometer)
  • Rear park assist and automatic parking assistance
  • Automatic emergency braking
  • Lane keeping assist (in case you start edging towards the lane lines it will vibrate to let you know to adjust back)
  • Built in Amazon Alexa
  • easier access passthrough front passenger seat, back seats
  • back window removable cover
  • hands free (foot wave) access to open trunk
  • massage seat perfect for long drives
  • climate control
  • user profiles setting options
  • beautiful crisp sound system
  • built in wireless charging pad for phones

Thank you to Buick Canada for getting us out of the city for a much needed quiet break!