This summer, set your sights on exploring new heights, and there’s no better place to do that than Avalon Lavender Farm. With High Tea from Piano Piano and hot air balloon rides, this adorable farm is perfectly situated for all your summer soirees.

Avalon Lavender Farm is Partnering with Piano Piano and Balzac’s Coffee for a High Tea Like You’ve Never Seen Before

Nestled in the sprawling landscape of Mono, just northeast of Newmarket, you’ll find Avalon Lavender Farm. This picturesque escape owned by Alexis Levine is only an hour-ish from the city but with an easy-to-access bus from Balzac’s Liberty Village, city dwellers can soak up the scenery with a click of a button.

Or, of course, you can drive yourself. There is plenty of free parking onsite. However you make the trek, you’ll be rewarded with acres of purple-hued plants, with several ‘gram-worthy spots to snap from. But it’s more than just a field of flowers. Rescue horses offer a moment to engage with these wonderful animals. Other farm friends can also be found wandering about. Family-friendly, check.

avalon lavender farm chaise
You don’t have to bring a selfie stick but you can if you wanna…

Avalon Lavender Farm Also Offers High Tea with Piano Piano

Every Saturday, from June 22nd to August 10th, you can book in for a sumptuous spread by Victor Barry and his Piano Piano team. Enjoy a decadent menu served under a beautifully covered pergola with wafts of grounding lavender streaming through. Highlights of the high tea include scones, smoked salmon, burrata and my personal favourite, Ossetra Caviar. Made with egg yolk mousseline and English cucumber, it’s a delightful portion of creamy, briney and crispy.

Served with still water or Lavender Iced Tea, you’ll also score a Balzac’s Coffee gift card for Avalon Chamomile Lavender Tea.

And if the weather cooperates, you can also be rewarded with a tethered hot air balloon ride to get a birds-eye view of Alexis’ hard work.

πŸŒΏπŸ’œ Luxury Bus and Field Access ($62)

πŸŒΏπŸ’œπŸ΅ Luxury Bus, Field Access and High Tea ($147)

Finally, all images by Libby Roach.