How are your health and wellness plans coming along? Yeah, me too. The winter has sent me into hibernation mode giving me tons of excuses to not wanting to do more than walk the pup daily. I had momentarily forgotten about how technology is at my fingertips especially for times like this were I have ZERO interest in bundling up in layers and walking to the gym. ZERO.

So, add this to your list of easy ways to get that extra oomph into your day at home or even while you’re on vacay. audible has partnered with the fitness program Aaptiv, offering audio-guided fitness and wellness programs that combine the guidance of a personal trainer with motivating music.

If you’re not familiar with audible, it’s a membership based audio streaming service that offers bestselling books along side exclusive content, and classics for all ages. So, you can listen to books and programs wherever you are and on the go! Much better use of my time rather than swiping through that Instagram feed, right?

These programs are now available for FREE to audible members until September 5, 2019. Here are a few health and fitness programs worth trying…

SLEEP BETTER: For Beginners – 7 audio guided sessions

Aaptiv’s Sleep Better program includes seven classes led by meditation and mindfulness expert Jade Alexis. On day one of the program you’ll begin with ten minutes of relaxation and focus on your breath. As the week progresses you’ll graduate to a 30-minute session and incorporate techniques that train your body to release tension and prepare for deep sleep including breathwork, body scans, and yoga nidra – a type of meditative state achieved before sleep.

EVERYDAY MEDITATION: For Beginners – 20 audio guided sessions

Join certified meditation and yoga expert Ceasar F. Barajas as he guides you through 20 days of meditation. You’ll complete five meditations per week over the course of four weeks. Whether you’re comfortable with meditation or it’s completely new to you, Ceasar’s unique combination of breath work, visualization, and mindfulness will re-energize you and wash away the pressures of your day.

21 DAYS OF MEDITATION: For Beginners – 21 audio guided sessions

Aaptiv’s 21 Days of Guided Meditation program consists of 21 meditation classes led by tenured yoga and meditation teacher Jess Ray. The program focuses on a variety of meditative and spiritual practices and techniques. You’ll release negativity, still the mind, and quiet the ego, as well as improve patience so you can feel more in control of your mind. Focus on internal growth through guided meditations and breathing exercises.

QUICK WORK OUTS FOR BUSY PEOPLE: For Beginners –  12 audio guided sessions

This beginner level program is made up of 12 classes that are 15 minutes long or less. You’ll complete four classes per week for three weeks, with a bonus class you can take before and after the program to measure your progress. Challenge yourself to an array of workouts from outdoor runs and bodyweight strength workouts to elliptical classes and even stretches.

INTRODUCTION TO INDOOR CYCLING: For Beginners – 12 audio guided workouts

This four-week program features a total of 12 workouts to be taken four per week. Each class is designed to build your strength and stamina on the bike while cementing your knowledge of form and riding mechanics.

WALK TO RUN ONE MILE: For Beginners – 20 audio guided workouts

Achieving a new goal is all about taking the first step and with the help of certified personal trainer Jaime McFaden those first steps will lead to a successful first mile. In this four-week program you’ll complete 20 total classes in outdoor running, treadmill, strength, and stretching. These workouts are designed to increase your physical stamina and mental toughness. Each class is 25 minutes or less so you can train even on your busiest days.

5K TRAINING: For Beginners – 20 audio guided workouts

Whether you’re finally ready to tick that first 5K off your to-do list or you’re hoping to run your fastest race yet, Aaptiv trainer and marathoner Rochelle will guide you through five weeks of training specially designed to take you across the finish line at your personal best speed.

ROAD WARRIOR WORKOUTS: Intermediate level – 15 audio guided workouts

Created with business travelers, jet-setters, and those who love a good zero-equipment-needed workout in mind, this intermediate/advanced level program delivers effective strength and cardio training from expert Aaptiv trainers Candice Cunningham and Jessica Muenster.

BEAT GYM BOREDOM: Intermediate level – 16 audio guided workouts

Success at the gym comes down to consistency and confidence in your ability to get a great workout during the time you’re investing. But, when faced with all that equipment and a ticking clock, how do you ensure you find a workout that helps you get closer to achieving your goals?

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