The sky, as we know, has no limits and when we spotted Canadian artist Eli Bajet’s cloud photography it inspired us to take deep breaths and exhale. Her work is truly extraordinary.

Bajet photographs only one subject: The sky. Through her lens is a world full of movement and colour. We never get tired of the ways the clouds form and take shape. Ever evolving, never stopping. So poetic.

Bajet was a corporate world traveller working in Air Logistics for over 25 years. But like many of us, the pandemic grounded her. She experienced a life changing moment when she realized travel may not be in her cards but her thoughts and inspiration still come from the skies above where she still find peace. Now she’s turned her passion as an artist/photographer. “I now dedicate myself to translating nature’s dance into a source of serenity and calm confidence for the home.”

Bajet uses her camera more like a canvas. She tells us, “I paint on these photos to create a sense of peace and connection to nature inside the home.”

Now that many still continue to work from home, of have decided that it will become more the norm moving forward, it may just be time to freshen up what’s on the walls behind our zoom calls. Bajet tells us, “Cloud Art instills a sense of calm and peace to the office, as well as a perfect background for your zoom calls.”

But seriously, how stunning is her work? They speak for themselves. Her work has already well received and has been exhibiting in Milan, Italy as well as Canada, the US, and France.

We couldn’t believe our eyes as she’s made her prints affordable with a starting price point at $159 each. See her website for more