Antipodes from New Zealand is a beauty secret wonder from down under. The 100% all-natural lineup of skin care products boasts a botanical blend of organic feel-good scents mixed with science-driven antioxidant-rich oils aimed at alleviating dry, dull skin. Completely free of synthetic or toxic ingredients, Antipodes strives to strike a balance with organic and vegan formulas, all at a reasonable price point.

antipodes halo skin brightening mask, face oil, water cream

The green beauty industry is a tricky one to navigate, often times some collections will boast their green-ness, only for you to find out they test on animals. Ugh. Antipodes is honest, true and straightforward. WYSIWYG! Founder and CEO Elizabeth Barbalich is passionate about this straightforward formula. With a background in science and innovation, Elizabeth’s mission from the get-go was to utilize the best components from plants to provide solutions to even the most tricky skin issues. Eye creams, mud masks, super-hydrating oils and serums treat a myriad of complexions. Gel cleansers, night and day creams cover all the bases.

antipodes halo skin brightening mask

But the smells! It’s truly like a spa-like for scents, which is an accomplishment in any brand, but particulary in one that relies so heavily on nature to produce their products. The Culture Probiotic Night Recovery Water Cream ($50) is divine, a lovely cream that smells like the ocean, delivering on its promise of all-night hydration but also had a calming effect that ushers you off to sleep land. For a deep cleanse the Halo Skin-Brightening Facial Mud Mask ($38) is an all-natural wonder leaving your face deeply cleansed (bye-bye blackheads!) and skin ready for the next step. A great in-between step is to treat your skin with the soothing Divine Face Oil Rosehip & Avocado Oil ($46) ensuring the steady delivery of hydration even throughout the night.

Scour the Anitpodes website and visit their Instagram to learn more on this New Zealand brand.

All images by Libby Roach.