Yesterday was International Women’s Day and the campaign for this year is #PressForProgress. Progress comes in different forms and we all contribute to progress in different ways. Did you know that in 1940 women could still be arrested for wearing pants in public? Pants weren’t just an article of clothing for fashion sake but became a symbol of equality for women. Today we can wear pants whenever and wherever we want without any personal repercussions. We take it for granted that we can wear what we please because women of the past fought for this progress.

Ann Taylor launches its Pants are Power campaign celebrating the brand’s commitment to over 60 years of making a woman feel powerful in her wardrobe. This campaign commemorates the evolution of pants in fashion and as a symbol of equality for women. It is a nod to strong women who, in the not-so-distant past, fought for their right to wear pants that make them feel confident and empowered. In the US girls were given the right to wear pants in school in 1972, in 1993 female leaders were officially allowed to wear pants on the Senate floor. In Canada high school student Susan Rouse from Fredericton led the charge in 1969 and in 2012 (no not a typo) female RCMP senior officials within the organization are allowed to wear boots and pants instead of a skirt and leather pumps to formal events. Pants let you run free and jump over any obstacle – women were demanding the freedom and power to run free. This is how Ann Taylor is pressing for progress. Fashion for women has become a way to celebrate our achievements and our femininity. It is a great equalizer and where women can suit up and wear clothing that tells the world their story.

Ann Taylor’s Pants are Power continues to pay tribute to National Women’s History month as we look to the past to build sister solidarity in the future. Ann Taylor’s Spring pant collection features new styles and showcases the brand’s extended sizes and hems. The collection stands behind the promise that every pant should fit where it counts – from waist to hip to hem.