Altea Active just boldly announced a plans for a massive 89,000 square foot space, smack in the middle of Liberty Village. Set to open this November housed in a swanky new condo building at second and third floors of Novus, a new 25- and 38-story rental residential community located at the corner of Strachan Ave. and Ordnance St.

The first location, a whopper in Winnipeg opened in 2019. State-of-the-art is the calling card for this capital investment, proving that gyms are vibrant and viable parts of any community. Think back to what you’ve been missing most in 2020. It all comes down to access, shared spaces and strangers. You miss the gym, and so do I.

altea active liberty village

Let’s face it, once COVID-19 lifts, it’s leg day, every damn day. And Altea Active’s core mission isn’t just some fluffy vanity project, immersing themselves as a destination beyond just-a-gym. Boasting a dedicated cycle studio, hot yoga, golf simulators, anti-gravity fitness, HIIT, boxing and barre, they’ve even incorporated a Himalayan Salt lounge and meditation pod.

Memberships run from $95-$125 a month, a standard fare these days for GTA sweat spots. Add in a few extra bucks for a post or pre-gym nosh and nibble, onsite Catalyst (Kitchen & Cocktails) looks like a perfect perch to people watch and collect your thoughts.

altea active liberty village

The renderings offer the promise of sweating with strangers, I couldn’t be more excited about a potential awkward changeroom interaction, or chastizing a member for not wiping down a machine after use. It’s the small things you miss the most…

Learn more about this new hot spot, or pre-register for your membership here.

All images provided by Altea Active and are renderings, not images.