Adult Art Attack is a celebration of art, socializing, learning, but mostly, smoking and consuming a lot of cannabis. All these things greatly appeal to me, so on a recent Friday evening, I tucked in for this underground art class, and left my inhibitions (and joints) at home.

The workshop goes for 2 hours give or take, and your lovely hostess Maj is dedicated to guiding you through the experience. The concept is simple, and so nurturing. Art is a therapy, and cannabis is the aid that helps you get into the right frame of mind to create original paintings, with suggested ‘templates’ like the popular joint-fucking-a-bud in outer space concept, or the floral vagina art. Really, anything goes, and Maj is there to guide you through the process.

Upon arrival to the top secret location (you are texted day of all the nitty gritty) you are offered wine and other beverages, and a help yourself bowl of joints to grab and smoke inside (yay!) as well as some edibles in the form of gummies. It’s all very pro-pot and the etiquette is simple, don’t Bogart them all (although Maj filled my pockets with leftovers when we had to depart!).

About half way through the workshop, you’re then offered dessert, a classy touch. How very dinner party-esque! Of course, the real kicker is the syringe of CBD & THC oil that is offered as a garnish, and of course, who is going to say no to anything at this point?

The art direction deserves it’s share of gushing too- Maj is so whimsical and warm, you have an idea of a creation? She’s there to see you through it. Starting off with eco-friendly all black canvases washed in darkness covering up whatever someone left behind, all the paint and brushes and techniques are there and encouragement is genuine and observant. I love Maj.

Art is so healing, it’s hard to describe. And what’s better than getting blasted while doing it? Putting your phone down and playing with colour is an antidote to this mood of immediacy. I would fork over the $70 in a heartbeat to do it all over again.

And if you’re looking for something special to do this 4/20, our friends at Art Attack have a bumper crop of art based programming going on, from a three course dinner on 4/19 with puff-puff painting and canna-cocktails.

4/20 will see art lovers and red eyes  darting all over the studio space, with a live DJ, local canna-creators and artisans offering their cannabis products in a party like atmosphere.

4/21 will bring everyone together for brunch, with yoga, meditation and friendly ice breakers designed to leave you with more friends than you started out with. For real. Scope out the details on their insta‘ and tell ’em Auburn Lane sent ya!