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Who doesn’t love some icy cold, bubbly on a hot summer night? Or a hot summer day? Or a snowy winter night by the fire? Or a damp, drizzly Sunday morning?

Okay, it’s clear that I appreciate bubbles anytime, anyplace.

prettiest can of wine out there


I will admit that I fell in love with Joiy Sparkling Reisling after sampling it at a wine and spirits show a few years ago, partly because of the beautiful label. I only discovered it as I was on my way out of the show and I was oversaturated with booze and kind of wined out. I thought it was pretty delicious but because the artwork stood out for me, it was the only wine that I remembered. Happily, once I got my hands on some at the LCBO, I was happy to discover that this bubbly, slightly sweet, fruity wine was, indeed, as tasty as I had remembered.

That was quite some time ago and I will admit that now that I can buy it in cans – Hello clumsy fellow glass breakers- it is my summer drink. My other favourite thing is rose so when i was invited to join the wine makers on a sunset sail around Toronto Island to celebrate the launch of their Sparkling Rose IN A CAN, I did what I had to do to get on that boat.

It could NOT have been a more perfect evening for a sail around the island

I was joined by a gaggle of impossibly young, beautiful wine lovers and one of three sailboats, courtesy of Gone Saily Adventure for an idyllic sunset sail in the Toronto Harbour. We sipped our crisp, dry sparkling rose and ooh’d and ahh’d over the setting sun as warm, balmy breezes kept us from melting.

the weather made the New Zealanders feel right at home and our trusty Captain made sure we had tasty snacks

Everyone got a chance to chat with the wine maker of Joiy, Chris Archer along with his business partner and wife, Cath who came all the way from New Zealand.

It’s $4.95 for a 250ml can from the LCBO which makes it a very reasonable $15 per 750ml. If you compare that to other sparkling rose wines out there, it’s a steal AND IT COMES IN AN ADORABLE CAN.

Just an FYI – drinking on a moving private boat is illegal in Ontario. We could enjoy some rose while sailing only because we were on a licensed, chartered vessel  and I took transit home – drink safe kids!