So, it’s Valentine’s Day in mere days and you haven’t figured out WTF to do? You know your love will bring you flowers, candy or a card. That’s pretty much a safe bet. But what else? No pressure. It’s always the thought that counts. Always! It’s not that we haven’t thought about it…for many of us, it’s over thinking and then it’s too late. Now it’s crunch time.

First off, let’s just call it Valentine’s Week and give ourselves a little wiggle room, shall we? I mean, have you TRIED to book a restaurant for the actual day?? Not a chance, sister. I actually don’t mind celebrating the weekend after or before (any excuse make dinner easier at home). Heck, I don’t even mind staying put and ordering in. But what else can we do? Since we all celebrate Valentine’s differently (Galentine’s, Palentine’s, Grandparentines etc) here are some super last minute ideas for everyone on your love list that will make you look soooo damn thoughtful:

Because you love everyone? Try PaperlessPost to design, send and track you Valentine’s Day e-card with ease and fun. It will look like you’ve spent tons of time creating something thoughtful and beautiful. Choose from many designs for online and paper. You’ll fall in love with this design app that includes designer collaborations with well-known designers like Kate Spade and Rifle Paper Co.

Everyone loves when you’re creative and we’ve found Apple Clips (free app) is fun and easy to create and send a video message or mini-story. You can add fun filters, animated text, filters, stickers, music that makes you look like an editing wiz. Requires iOS 11.1 or later. Compatible with may iPhones and iPads.

Long distance relationships? Nectar Gifts offers a wonderful assortment of last minute florals and gifts with free delivery to most Canadian addresses. Flowers are sourced directly form eco-friendly farms. Don’t have the recipient’s mailing address either? No problem as long as you have a phone number, email address or event a Twitter account Nectar Gifts will connect with your love bug to find out when to arrange the delivery directly with them.

Need a last minute dinner reservation? check out OpenTable and filter your restaurant by location and cuisine. Leave them a note if it’s for a special occasion or any allergy alerts and they’ll have it noted in their system. Did you know users also earn rewards and perks for future dining? You’ll want to check out our favourites on our most recent restaurant reviews!

Prefer to eat in and staying in your jammies? Nothing wrong with that! Apps like Foodora  makes ordering easy. Discover new restaurants easily and then settle in for a night…maybe even a Netflix and Chill kind of date night? A few we love for delivery? Try Bombay Street Food, Sabai Sabai, Planta, Sweet Flour Bake Shop, and Jackpot Chicken Rice.

Feel like you can be as loveable in the kitchen but don’t know where to start? There are great apps filled with recipes perfect for Valentine’s Day. Check out Jamie Oliver’s Ultimate Recipes with step by step instructions for a no-fail night in. He’s got more than 600 recipes from soups, classic comfort foods, beautiful desserts, cocktails (check out his Pimped-up Prosecco) and more. Go find this easy recipe: Lemony prawn courgetti. YUM!