Tiff’s red carpets may be rolling up, the close to another season of stalking, hobnobbing and standing around waiting for Antonio Banderas has come to a close. While we’re still weighing in on what movies will be deemed Hollywood material, but it only feels appropriate to pause, have a toast, and celebrate another year of Toronto being in the spotlight.

What better way to cap off late nights and high heels than with a TIFF themed cocktail? Kick back, invite some pals over and catch up at home, watching classics like Molly’s Game or The Shape of Water and inhaling popcorn all in the comfort of your home, with no Suzy Seatkickers in sight.

We partnered with Giffard, a sensuous French liqueur to bring you these fancy dranks, housed in nifty barware from our fave Queen West and Kensington Market shop (and soon to join Union Station) The Cocktail Emporium. This specialty shop is brimming with barware, glasses, tinctures and tonics. Make it your destination for hard to shop for gift shopping, or a nifty way to spend an afternoon. With many locally made and Toronto proud products, their vessels were perfect to capture the spirit of TIFF, so get your Oscar-worthy toasts ready!

Pineapple Paralyzer (lead photo)
Creamy and frothy, this Giffard based drink takes it’s cue from the Vodka Paralyzer, a spirited party drink that combines milk, vodka and Coca-Cola! Sounds wild, but it works.

1.5 oz of Giffard Pineapple Liqueur
1 oz of Tito’s Vodka
2 oz of milk
1 oz of Coca Cola

Add ice to a tall glass (bonus points if it has a CN Tower on it). Add Giffard, Tito’s, then milk and coke. Serve with a fancy swirly stir stick or your fave environmentally friendly straw.

Giffard and Ginger
Some friends say that your typical Ginger Beer + Vodka is too bitter, I say mix it up with a float of something sweet, and Giffard makes a perfect complement to this sweet and spicy drink.

1 oz of Giffard
1 oz of Tito’s Vodka
3 oz of Fevertree Ginger Beer

Add ice to tall glass, then add Giffard, Vodka and Ginger Beer. Garnish with a fresh lime, and add a dash of aromatic bitters if you’re into it.