Just in time for Spring Innis & Gunn , Truly and Angry Orchard have brought some new beverages to Canadian markets and there is something for everyone’s discerning tastes.

For those who prefer lighter tasting, less boozy drink alternatives the new Truly Spiked and Sparkling Rosé is a healthy version of a classic rosé wine. This sparkling water is crisp and refreshing without any residual sweetness. Imagine your glass of rosé took a trip through the soda stream.

Cider drinkers can rejoice with the new Rosé Hard Cider from Angry Orchard. Bright, sweet Amour Rouge Apples from France help create this soft blush colored cider and with a hint of hibiscus these slim cans are perfect for a weekend at cottage or poolside BBQ.

And not to be forgotten a new beer also hits the market. Tropic Likes It Hop from Innis & Gunn is a tropical pale ale bursting with flavors of passion fruit, grapefruit, citrus and a slight herbaceous note. Incredibly sessionable at 4.4% this beer will be a summer favourite!