Novel Evenings may have only just launched, but it’s already turning Toronto’s events scene on its very head. I had the honour of attending their inaugural launch party at a top secret location, (I know, sorry!) and was completely smitten with the experience. It was so much more than just another night out, Novel Evenings is hardwired to make you engage and interact, a core belief of it’s founders, Nick McNaught, Monika Shugan, Cerys Goodall and Christopher L. P. Chapheau. United with one goal, to offer a dose of authenticity and, spark conversation and enable a new framework for friendship to takeover Toronto.

Novel Evenings Own- Cerys Goodall, Christopher L. P. Chapheau, Monika Shugan & Nick McNaught Photo by @n49_photography/

A huge aspect of the experience was the no-phones allowed atmosphere. You read that right my friends. I dug deep to keep my phone buried during the course of the evening, a prospect unheard of for media events, where people invite you on the very premise of over-sharing. And while the theme of keeping mum goes part and parcel with the unique evening, it was shaped further when we were instructed to line up – branch out, find someone new to meet. And know. We shared vulnerable moments, encouraged by each others forth coming- and eventually, warm embrace. It was warm and fuzzy, and friendly.

Novel Evenings Photo by@n49_photography/

And without my phone as my crutch, I got to know the people around me, instead of just hash-tagging I was comparing tasting notes of decades old Jack Daniels, the host sponsor for the evening. On hand to lend some insight to the brand and what we were sipping, Lucy Lamont gave us the run down on Jack’s heritage, if you get the chance, do ask how Jack passed away- it’s quite the story.

Jack Daniels x Novel Evenings Photo by @n49_photography/

Stay tuned for more on Novel Evenings events. We are so thrilled for you! Congratulations on your launch!

Next up? Novel Evenings is kicking off their Book Club on February 27th. Bond over books and embrace this month’s The Song of Achilles by Madeleine Miller. Join their mailing list to get more details.