A collective gasp was echoed beyond the borders of Bloor when the announcement went out that the historic Park Hyatt would shutter for a renovation. Housed at the corner of Avenue and Bloor, the hotel has just reopened, welcoming guests and gawkers alike to the glitziest grand opening since 2019. Known for being a TIFF headquarters worthy of all the A-listers, the rooftop Writers Room Bar was an important aspect of this rejuvenation project.

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Writers Room Bar Boasts a Cinq a Sept Worthy Skyline

Playing homage to the history of this institution, Writers Room Bar sets the stage for sunset cocktails over an uninterrupted view of the skyline, with the CN Tower serving as a slightly phallic reminder of where the lake lies. Greeted by a host, guests are guided into the bar area where cosy tabletops surround a beautiful bar and open-air patio. Remarkably, Writers Room Bar is walk-in only, there are no reservations accepted so this is one setting you won’t want to be fashionably late for.

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Pretty plates and a stunning skyline are just the start. Cocktails are smart and sophisticated. A well-rounded wine and spirit list is on display, while bartenders can create your fave cocktails or opt-in for a signature drink from their creative menu. The Sweet Dilemma ($16) boasts an in-house blend of Macadamia Nut infused Bourbon that blends seamlessly with fernet and salted caramel. Ice is nice and receives special treatment, no sad cubes to water down that firewater, here they are distinctly cube-shaped and hold up to the hooch. A very important inclusion for craft cocktails.

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Happy Endings

Nestled in under the stars, the covered patio has thoughtful inclusions like blankets and heat lamps to keep the summer season going strong, even into fall. The history of this space, and of the famous writers who visited is on full display. Artwork dots the walls and quotes from writers are included on the menus. It feels familiar even though it is brand-spanking new. Old and young mingle alike, soaking in a shared experience and admiration for the space, and just the occasion of gathering, finally, again.

park hyatt toronto writers room bar

Writers Room Bar is open daily at 5pm. Stay up to date on events and more- @writersroombar

All images by Libby Roach. While our visit was complimentary our opinions are honest accounts of our experience. Thank you to Park Hyatt for hosting.