They say you work up a thirst roaming the streets in Barcelona. The Spanish city is known for its buzzing food scene and this month, Toronto is host to a fitting tribute with the Estrella Damm Culinary Journey.

The number one beer of Barcelona is partnering with 31 local restaurants to bring the aperitivo experience to Toronto appetites. Celebrating the end of a day with a pre-dinner drink and snack is a lifestyle. Lean into spring and claw back some lost time with friends at one of Toronto’s destination-worthy restaurants.


estrella damm tapas
Culinary Journey is on with Estrella Damm, with Mediterranean flair imported and remixed by the city’s top chefs. The happy hour influence is a spirit we should all employ. Rushing from work to home has taken on a new meaning and a whole new toll for most of us recently. The casual and effortless nature of an aperitivo rendezvous is a great way to reengage and rekindle with friends and family.


estrella damm culinary journey- babel

Tucking into a new experience for a very limited time is a wonderful way to mingle. We headed to Babel for Chef Rosie Keshishian’s Beef Tartare or Syrian Kibbeh Nayyeh, here made with raw beef, bulgur wheat and aromatic spices. The dish is perfect for sharing with wood-fired crisps and brings Chef’s Syrian influences and recipes to the forefront. Paired with an Estrella Damm for a crisp and clean beer that doesn’t overpower the delicate spices of the beautiful tartare. $21.

Less meaty options abound, including particularly tempting dishes at Shook, which have a beautiful smoky tomato Shakshouka on offer for $25.

Mira‘s Chef Meghan Foster brings Pollo a la Brassa to her Wellington West address. Aji panca, roasted potato and green goddess dressing make for a memorable dish. $35 (for 1 beer and half chicken).

Casting a net far and wide, channel this Spanish energy and inject some aperitivo into your spring lifestyle.

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All images by Libby Roach.

Never drink and drive and always drink responsibly.