Crystal therapy has been around for centuries and found in many cultures. Nature’s healing can be quite powerful and it’s no wonder many of us are drawn to them. I remember my first time visiting Sedona, Arizona where there was an undeniable energy from the red rocks that were a magnet, I was told, to those seeking clarity and calmness in their lives.

My other encounter was in a Uber. I’m not one to fully go on conversation unless it’s an interesting one. On this ride, the driver and I talked the entire time about the world and how we’re all so stressed in our daily lives. It was fascinating. Long story made short, at the end of the ride, the driver turned to me with a small cloth bag. “I have a gift for you,” he said. “Pick one. I give these to my riders who I have meaningful conversations with.”

So, I picked out a smooth dark green stone. He smiled told me that I chose jade and it also chose me. He also suggested that when I had the time, I should research the crystal and I’ll understand why. He didn’t ask for anything and all he said was “be well.” I still carry this little jade with me everywhere I go.

Sounds like a bit of hocus-pocus? Whatever. Hey, it was gift so I accepted with gratitude and it gives me a sense of comfort in this world of chaos. It also reminds me that there’s kindness still out there. I’m not going to overthink it but it did make me more curious about crystals and what they can do. If you’re curious too, then continue on with us as we explore and learn. We simply ask the questions.

In this article, we check in with Courtney Taylor. How to describe her? We’re told she’s a direct but compassionate psychic clairvoyant, energy healer, and spiritual teacher. She pairs her background in clinical social work with her gifts of mediumship, clairvoyance, and clairaudience, to provide a unique experience for her clientele. Specializing in distant energy work, she is able to clear blockages, provide healing and guide clients in areas of relationships, career, finance and life path. Courtney has helped hundreds of clients around the world and she is featured on several world- renowned psychic networks. You can learn more about Courtney by linking to her site here.
So, let’s start with how to shop for healing crystals! We’ve got lots of questions!

There’s a growing interest in the healing properties of crystals even though they’ve been around for centuries. Why do you think that is?

Spirituality is being recognized and talked about now more than ever. People are becoming more open and willing to learn about the health benefits around energy healing and crystal therapy. As a culture, we are always looking for the next best thing to keep us healthy and on our toes.

How do you help people determine what crystals they should incorporate into their lives?

As a Psychic Medium and a Master level healer – as soon as I connect with someone, I know which stones could be helpful in supporting their journey based on where they are at on their path. I always like to start with a few staple crystals to get my clients use to working with them and then build from there.
As much as I love being part of the process in “prescribing” crystals, I empower my clients once they feel comfortable to venture off into a store to explore gemstones themselves. It’s always exciting for me to see what my clients feel gravitated to. See what you are being pulled to and learn about the healing properties of what catches your eye. There have been many times I’ve been gifted a crystal, and I think to myself – that’s just what I needed! Once you start opening yourself up to the spiritual world – you will be handed what you need.

We’re assuming that one type of crystal isn’t enough. What should be in our “starter pack”?

Great question!

That’s the beauty of working with crystal therapy – it’s buildable. I always like to slowly build on it with clients as they get used to working with them. As I teach so much about energy work in my practice, people underestimate how powerful energy is. It can make or break something. So moving into working with so many types of energies can be a little overwhelming. I always start with the basics and “prescribe” to my clients based on what is occurring around them emotionally, spiritually, mentally and physically.

These are crystals EVERYONE would benefit from and should be in your go to “starter pack”

Clear Quartz – This is a powerful one! Known as the master healer, clear quartz will open lines of communication, aid in removing energetic blockages and allow for clarity. This is a must have for any crystal newbie!

Amethyst – One of the most widely used crystals for emotional support and healing. Amethyst is wonderful for calming the mind, creating balance and inducing patience. It’s an overall support for spiritual alignment. Psssst…when shopping for this crystal the darker the shade of purple, the stronger the healing properties will be.

Rose Quartz – A must have for all who are working on self-love and/or who need support in their relationships. This stone represents unconditional love and provides deeper inner healing for all.

Black Tourmaline – Fending off all of the negative, this crystal is perfect for around the house and to wear on you to block out toxic energy. This also is great for grounding and keeping you stable when things get a little rough!

Citrine – This is your golden ticket to abundance and self-awareness. The go-to crystal for increasing finances, landing that new job or getting over your worst fear.

How do we find legit good crystals? I feel like there are some scammers out there.

You are absolutely right! Not only do we need to make sure the crystals are top notch quality for the best health benefits, it’s important to note that there are plenty of man-made crystals available now, that do not offer the same vibrational support.

I highly recommend finding a local metaphysical store in your community where you have a vast variety of stones to choose from. I would avoid buying any crystals online or from department stores such as Amazon. It helps when you are able to hold something and say yes, this feels good, I’m drawn to this. I always say, crystals will work for you if you use them correctly. If they are legit, you should be reaping the benefits!

What are the prices people should expect to pay and does size matter?

Crystals range quite a bit in price, but you do not need to spend a lot.
My female clients always laugh at me, but the best way you can use a crystal is to have it touching your skin and what better way to do this, then to wear it in your bra.

Purchase yourself a small tumbled crystal. These are often a few dollars and extremely inexpensive. Wearing it on you all day allows for the best healing. I think this is where most people go wrong, as having it in your purse or a bag is just not enough on its own.

Tumbled stones are what I recommend as they are small, portable and cost effective.
If you want to invest in bigger gems for your home, watch out for fairs and festivals in your community. Geologists run various trade shows throughout the year where you can not only get deals on pieces, but the quality and knowledge you get from the specialists is invaluable! Do some digging and watch for these to pop up in areas near you.

Where are some of the best places in the home to keep your crystals?

My top two places in the home are the bedrooms and a home office if you have one. Ideally, I would love for you to have them all over the house!

As a start, the bedroom is an excellent place to start as that’s where we do a lot of our healing. Placing a Selenite crystal beside your bed is extremely helpful for inducing a deeper sleep and perfect for all the insomnias. It’s supportive in remembering details of your dreams. Make sure to have that pen and paper bedside and ready to go!

The office is another one of my go-tos as I know for myself there is always a swirl of emotions in that space. It goes from being a creative zone to feeling overwhelming at times to sucking up a lot of negative energy when I’m working with some clients who are struggling on their path. Crystals can help clear all of that, and that’s why I love them so much.

My go-to trick – Whenever a client (or myself) is feeling anxious or overwhelmed I pick up one of my crystals that has calming properties, and I place it in their receiving hand. Feeling the grooves, texture and energy that the stone holds shifts the energy real quick.

Best way to take care of them?

It’s crucial that you clean your crystals. Think about it this way – the stones are collecting all of your energies, sucking them all in. Cleaning them and giving them a reboot is necessary at least once a week. I always advise my clients to leave them in direct sunlight for a few hours. That is the easiest way to get the job done.

What are some of the most popular crystals and what do they do?

I would highly recommend starting with my top five I mentioned as they are the most popular crystals people use today and they are most talked about because they work!

Among these five, here are a few more that are widely recognized in the spiritual community:

Moonstone – This crystal aligns the body and spirit. It has very feminine energy and enhances intuition.

Jade – The abundance stone. Start manifesting everything you want!

Howlite – Calming and relaxation effects, this is perfect for the insomniac. It also helps with stress and muscle tension.

Aventurine – A powerful healing stone and does creative wonders. This gem is perfect for the office as it promotes focus, intelligence and good luck.