Toronto offers so many fitness, health and wellness options. We have almost every style of workout you can think of. We really are lucky for all the choices available for all levels, challenges and for all ages. Hoame is a modern and upscale meditation centre that has quickly become of the city’s most buzzed about.

Meditation is gaining attention and it is attracting people aside from Aunt Sally. A recent look around a class and I noticed men and women of all ages from athletic types to those seeking restorative practice as well as those who are just simply curious. It’s more than just crossing your legs and being present. It’s also about taking care of yourself and your mental health.

Hoame is warm and welcoming in its judge-free zone. There is a sense of community where everyone respects each other’s energy and space. I love this studio and here are five more  reasons why…

CLASSES: led by experienced instructors, classes can help you clear your mind and bring back that focus you want. The approach in each class, while based on traditional practices, feel more modern with the two different studio spaces. The Light Room is airy with its green wall that brings nature into the space while the Dark Room brings twinkling lights above as you focus on your breathing and positions and less on focus on what everyone else is doing.

What classes do they offer? Here are some examples…

Breathe: focuses on various breath techniques designed to help you deepen your practice. Learn and explore a number of different breathing styles to implement both on and off the cushion.

Release: described as a dreamy mix of yin yoga holds, deep restorative poses and a long lay down meditation allowing your body to fully relax. Great start as you  head into your weekend.

Explore: This class takes you on a meditative journey. In 60 minutes, you will explore different meditation techniques, styles as well as other complementary practices including movement, energy work, breathwork, sound and more.

Rise: A groundbreaking new class from Hoame – where meditation meets high-intensity movement. I love this class that has helped me release stress and re-energize while feeling focused – not what I had expected from a meditation class!  I’ve written about it on our site.

SALT CAVE: Surround yourself with over six tons of Himalayan pink crystal salt in this ancient treatment that is known to help reduce stress, relax the body, cleans the skin from toxins and help your body’s immune system. Book your session and relax in a quiet zone or listen to a selection of music.INFRARED SAUNA: helps to relax muscles, reduces stress and helps improve circulation. This private room is yours to relax while your body takes in all the benefits.

SPECIALTY WORKSHOPS & EVENTS: Ever wanted to learn about how Crystals work and what the benefits are? Want to experience a Sound Bath? Need some guidance on how to “Let that Shit Go”? or how about trying Doga? (yes, that’s dog yoga). That’s just a few of the interesting special events you can sign up for.CHILL OUT: Sip on a cup of tea and bring your latest read or if you just need a quiet space,  their “living room” space is a comfort zone before and after sessions.

Hoame is where I can escape within the city even for just an hour and not feel out of place. When one of the instructors at the beginning of a class said “no one is concerned about how you look or what you wear here,” I knew it was the right space for me. It’s more about being in tune with what your body and mind need. Here is where I  find peace, comfort while shifting my own focus and reviving my creative senses. This is my happy place.

I had learned that during this month of May, Hoame is offering 50% off one-year memberships so you can give yourself the gift of mindfulness. Just a thought. For more information or to sign up visit