It’s been hard to concentrate on getting much done these past few weeks. I keep telling myself that opening the fridge door repeatedly and hoping we have enough food to last at least 5 days is not considered a workout. But YASSSS, I got a hula-hoop a few weeks ago and I’ve been enjoying that! So, a point for me! But it’s been a struggle to schedule a specific time of day for any kind of work out (that’s just me normally even before COVID-19). Libby is definitely more disciplined than I will ever be. Luckily there are numerous online fitness sessions from virtually EVERY gym and studio as well as stuff available through trusted apps for when that moment strikes any time of day or night and for whatever skill, level and interest (see Libby’s post here).  In addition, we both have Fitbits for additional motivation, access to programs and to keep track of our activities. Fitbit has just announced they are offering 40 new pieces of Premium content for FREE in the Fitbit app as we all look for more ways to do more at home.
fitbit versa
In a recent letter from James Park, CEO & Co-founder, says, “Given the current circumstances, we know how hard it is to focus on your health and wellness. But staying active, eating nutritious foods, sleeping well, and managing stress are critical to boosting your immunity and your mood. To help support you, we’re offering 40 new pieces of Premium content free in the Fitbit app.”

If you’re a new Fitbit user or don’t have Fitbit Premium subscription yet, the company is now offering a 90-day free trial of the service. The Premium level offers additional tools for better sleep, personalized health insights, health guidance, customized programs as well as over 150 workouts from popular fitness brands like barre3, Yoga Studio by Gaiam, and POPSUGAR.
Fitbit Coach is also available now for a 90-day free trial. Here you can access fitness workouts to stream to your phone or computer. And with packages held up, consider ordering from another vendor, Staples Canada has an extensive list of models to keep you motivated. Check out their dedicated Fitbit online shop here. Contact-less pickup is also available so there’s no excuses to miss any steps!

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