Looking for unique and fabulous gifts for the cannabis lovers in your life? Look no further because I am laying out some of my favourite products that will work for everyone from the canna curious to the seasoned weed connoisseur

Great Dry Vape

everybody is a bit freaked about vaping so gift a beautiful vape that uses dry bud instead




Zues Arc lightweight dry weed vapourizer German engineering is lightweight easy to use and you can pair with the customizing firmware if you are a PC user. 

$259 CND free shipping from Toronto Vaporizer








For The Design Conscious

beautiful glass, concrete and resin products for the hard to please


Heirloom Stack Pipe   looks almost too pretty to use but it will make anyone feel special

Faro Concrete Pipe       handcrafted out of concrete, not made from a mold and every pipe is unique

Hemp Resin Ring          for those that want to display their love 

How cute is this awesome little kit? $99 for the kit or you can buy each piece separately as well


A Pretty Dope Kit          Perfect for your next trip (within Canada, of course) – an odor trapping storage                                                    bag with a lock, a matching rolling tray and two pretty pre rolls

For the Novice

Calla multi tool for the novice roller – There is no shame in admitting you can’t roll to save your life. Even your grandmother could roll a nice, consistent tight joint with this little beauty. The rose gold pokey is what sold me.






For the Cook

who needs to wait for edibles to hit the market?



Edibles Small Bites for the Modern Cannabis Kitchen is my favourite edibles cookbook. It’s easy to follow, the recipes are great and it’s for grownups who want to move beyond brownies and gummies

You can also find it at Indigo








follow my handy dandy sous vide method for decarbing and infusing

Gram scale You cannot accurately dose without a good gram scale and this one is inexpensive and works well

Sous vide the pro Anova model is currently the same price as the older model so get on that

My last class of 2019 is on Dec 21 at The Depanneur

Give the gift that keeps on giving and buy a spot for yourself or a loved on in my last 2019 Sous Weed class – I teach people how to use sous vide to decarb their cannabis and then use it again to infuse oils and fats so they can make their own infused edible delights!



Evio Skin

In partnership with Aurora, one of Canada’s top cannabis companies. Sativa seed skincare – Revitalizing Serum, Refreshing Cleansing Wipes, Face Mask are all Dermatologist tested, good for all skin types.

By including cannabis they eliminate animal by products and reduce the use of plastic

Special shout out to the combo blotting/rolling paper – we love double duty!

Gloss Me a sativa oil rich “high” shine serum, pun intended

My hairdresser introduced me to this product and I love it. It makes my hair silky smooth and shiny as a new penny. Oh wait, are you old enough to remember pennies?


rub a bit on your temples and forehead to relieve a headache too


Harmony CBD/THC infused pain cream by Elevated Wellness – I use this stuff every day for my arthritic hands and not only does it work really well but it smells amazing.







Pet Lover

For your actual pet and for crazy cat people


E.W. CO CBD OIL  CBD this full spectrum CBD oil can put a new spring into any old pet’s step as well as help with anxiety and it can be great to stimulate appetite and work for anxiety

For the stylish Canna Cat      Because who doesn’t want to see a cat in a weed bowtie? I mean, other than the actual cat

To Drink 

the tea comes in lots of flavours as do the Jetpacks – Jetpacks are available in CBD too



Jet Pack each pack has 30mg of THC and is added to water for an orange Julius on steroids

Temple Tea is a variety of flavours and each bag contains 12 10mg THC servings- Caramel Chai is my favourite






Nosy Neighbours?

helps to reduce smoke & Eliminates odor

Smoke Buddy

Use this to smoke indoors to cut down on the smell so your nosy neighbours won’t keep complaining.










Don’t want to Smoke?

Still one of my personal favourites, the Hexo Elixir sublingual spray. At about 2.5mg TCH per pump, just a couple squirts and you will be rocking around the Christmas tree. No smell, no aftertaste, no muss, no fuss and you can throw it in your purse. It also comes in peppermint and a CBD version. Because you spray it under your tongue, this sublingual spray only takes about 30 to 40 minutes to take effect. Be aware this can make you sleepy if you take more than a pump or two.

absorbs quickly through the mucus membrane and into the blood stream.

A couple quick squirts and you will be good to go