I was born in Toronto, raised in Thornhill, near the border of Richmond Hill- highway 7. My parents idea of dinner out was always to one of the many delicious Asian restaurants dotting along the busy highway. Favourites include Kum Hong BBQ, John’s Chinese BBQ and now, Asian Legend.

Another hefty part of my upbringing is the the annual trek to the sugar shack. Maple syrup is my go to condiment. Coffee, salad dressing, drinking it straight from the bottle when no one’s looking- no judgement here- hey, I’ve done it all.

So thinking back on these two different cultures and flavours it seemed natural to marry them up. I’m a big fan of mixing things up, taking a fave ingredient and collaborating with complementary spices and seasonings.

Fast forward to now, my family has been addicted to bbq-ing chicken wings on our smoker. If you haven’t tried this method then you’re missing out. Not only does it taste way better (smokier and more tender) but also it cuts a lot of the fat out if you’re not deep frying these bad boys.

We amped up our smoker box for this recipe with maple wood for that next level aroma.


1lb of chicken wings

1/3 cup of teriyaki (kikkoman) marinade sauce

1/4 cup of maple syrup- darker the better

1 tbsp of hoisin

1 tsp of chopped ginger

3 garlic cloves chopped

2 green onions, just the green bits, chopped

Mix together, toss chicken wings around in the marinade and let it sit for a few hours covered in the fridge.

Heat up your BBQ and smoker box (if you have one). Cook wings at 325° for 15 mins then drop to 275° for 20 mins and shut off your smoker box before it gets too smokey. You want to crisp them up and then bake them so they cook all the way through. You’ll want to keep the wings moving around here and there to avoid flame ups.

Cooking times are approximate and depend on size of wings and average temperature of your BBQ. Feel free to amp it up with some heat (hot peppers, cayenne, sriracha) for an extra kick.