What is it about tall boys that pair so well with touchdowns? Superbowl Sunday is upon us- whether you like it or not, so if you’re hosting a little shin dig to watch the game, or just looking to hunker down and chow down, we’ve got just the ticket to tempt you! Partnering with Chef Nate Tasty at Home of the Brave, Miller High Life tasked Chef Nate with creating an upscale Mac n’ Cheese worthy of celebrating the Superbowl.

Dubbed Versace Mushroom Mac & Cheese , Chef Nate has brought the best out of a pantry staple, pairing store bought noodles with a luxurious layer of mushrooms sauteed with Miller High Life Beer makes for an ooey gooey mac, but with a definitive grown up edge, courtesy of the velvety Porcini scented cheese sauce. Scope out the recipe below!



1L Al Dente (pre-cooked) Macaroni
750g of Assorted Mushrooms, cleaned and sliced
1 tbsp of Dried Ground Porcini Powder
5 tbsp of butter
10% Cream, to taste
1 tsp Chives
1 tbsp of Panko
1 kg grated Smoked Cheddar
1L of 10% Cream
1 cup of Potato Flakes


In a saucepan, sear mushrooms in butter. As mushrooms begin to brown, pour in a tallboy of Miller High Life to simmer. Add mushroom powder and macaroni. Meanwhile, make the cheese sauce. Bring 1L of 10% cream to a simmer, whisk in grated cheese until it’s smooth. Whisk in potato flakes to thicken. Continue to simmer until it’s smooth and thickened up. Assemble in a skillet and top with panko. Place in a pre-heated oven for 20 minutes at 350°F if you like a crunchy top, or just serve straight away with another ice cold tallboy.

Thanks for the recipe Chef Nate!