Do you remember reading George Orwell’s 1984 in high school? Think back to that time….What do you remember? Was it like me and wondering if your crush is going to dance that weekend? Or if you can skip next period to hang out with your friends instead?

Don’t get me wrong, I loved reading when I was a teenager and am still a huge bibliophile. But I hated being told what to read. I didn’t want to try to understand the underlying themes of books that didn’t grab my attention within the first couple of paragraphs. Nor did I want to appreciate the symbolism of characters that I wasn’t invested in. I want to know if Cujo is going to kill everyone. Or if the Sweet Valley Twins are going to meet the boy of their dreams.

When Audible gave me the opportunity to listen to the new Original adaption of 1984 to celebrate a literary milestone I initially thought “Yikes not that boring book.” It’s been 40 years since the first diary entry of Winston Smith, the main character of the book. Wait who is Winston? What is this diary all about? I honestly couldn’t recall any details of this classic yet viscerally know it was part of my high school experience. Figuring I have matured slightly since then (very slightly) and given my penchant for hours and hours of podcast listening I figured it was time for a revisited.

Wow! I wish I had this version when I was in school. This fully immersive experience is like no other. Featuring an all-star cast with award winning actors Andrew Garfield as Winston, Cynthia Erivo as Julia, Andrew Scott as O’Brien and Tom Hardy as the notorious Big Brother. At times you forget you only have their voices in your ear. You can feel their devotion to the character and undeniably chemistry with each other. A cacophony of background noises like bells, whistles, footsteps, and chatter all help shape these images vividly in your mind.

A Haunting Soundtrack

The London Metropolitan Orchestra performs a brilliant score from Muse’s frontman, songwriter and guitarist Matthew Bellamy. Furthermore award winning composer Ilan Eshkaeri brings “a haunting echo of a future that Orwell warned us about.” At times you feel like you are standing across the road from the characters; watching this dystopian tale play out in real life.

Endorsed fully by the Orwell Estate, Director Destiny Ekaragha and writer Joe White have also stayed focused to the theme of holding onto one’s soul through love and beauty. Above all it is a captivating experience for your ears.

1984 is available now, exclusively on Audible.

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