Who’s ready for a road trip this summer? Me! Us! We’ve had Harley our rambunctious doggo for over a year now and life has never been more full. Honestly, I can totally relate now with those who’ve told me that having a puppy is like having a toddler. Thankfully it’s summertime which means more time outdoors.  We’ve got plans for a few road trips, visits to the countryside and backyard BBQs to attend which means a few essentials are needed him. Yes, you’ve got they toys, food, treats, towels, but what else? Be prepared! Whether it’s a quick getaway to a friend’s cottage or you’re planning a camping trip, here are a few things you may want to include on your checklist to have the best summer getaway ever!

CAR SAFETY SEAT:  When our pup was smaller we were able to safely transport him in a travel kennel. But now that he’s a bit older travelling the backseat in a booster seat (or we call it a bucket seat) makes the journey a whole lot more enjoyable for everyone. He can securely be contained in the seat while still enjoy looking around. The Solvit Deluxe Tagalong Dog Booster Seat ($79.99) is easy to assemble and is padded for extra comfort. Fabric is easy to remove for washing.

CAR CARGO LINER: If you have a larger sized dog that cannot be secured in a seat or kennel, cargo back seat liners are very popular. Look for durable materials that stand up to scratches, dirt, spills and loose hairs. Also look for one that offers extra stay-put features and seat belt loops so your dog can ride safely while you’re protecting your upholstery. Check Waterproof Cargo Liner ($53.99)

TRAVEL ORGANIZER BAG: Just like having a baby tote, this bag is designed for dog owners. The Solvit Travel Bag ($79.99) is made with durable fabrics and handy easily accessible compartments make day trips or road trips way more organized. The bag comes with travel accessories on the go including collapsible water and food bowls, a feed bag, and water bottle.  Additional pockets for quick access to poop bags, keys, phones and other essentials.FIRST AID KIT: This Kurgo 50 piece First Aid Kit for Pets ($35.99) is filled with the essentials you’ll need in case of emergencies. It also includes a First Aid Guide with instructions for some of the most common medical emergencies.  Compact and weighs in at 1 lb. can fit into backpacks too for day trips.

ANXIETY CARE: Got an anxious or nervous furry passenger? Afraid of thunderstorms or fireworks? There’s been a lot of conversation lately about holistic and alternative products to help calm anxious pets. CBD oil comes to mind but we’ve also come across Canadian brand My Healthy Pet Herbal Calmer to help settle pets naturally without the drowsiness. While research is ongoing for any alternative aid, it’s best to consult with your Vet to find out if it’s the right choice for your dog. You’ll want to understand how various products may interact with any existing medication as well.

FLEA & TICK PREVENTION: More than a nuisance, fleas and ticks season is here but did you know that it’s two separate treatments? Ticks are of particular concerns as each year we see an increase in reporting of ticks that carry Lyme disease. Check with your vet to see what is a recommended treatment for your pet. Flea infestations are difficult to get rid of if you’re not on top of things. Make sure you wash bedding, clothing regularly to help kill of the eggs. Check and brush after walks especially in park areas. Have a tick remover handy. We like this Burt’s Bees Double Sided Puppy Comb.

OUTDOOR TIE OUTS:  Keep your dog within a safe distance with an Outdoor Tie Out. This sturdy Top Paw Easy Grasp Tie Out ($26.99 and up) allows your dog to safely play and roam outside. Available 15 ft and 30 ft lengths.

KIEHL’S CUDDLY-COAT GROOMING SHAMPOO: a gentle shampoo that blends chamomile flower extracts. pH-balanced that leaves a light lavender scent. Great for after a day of rolling in sand (or whatever else), exploring the woods. Less irritant on the skin.

COOLING VEST: We can count on summer being pretty hot and humid on some days. Our dogs can stay cool with this Canada Pooch Cooling Vest. Well designed and handy vest is easy to use. Simply soak in cool water, wring out excess water and slip it on to your dog and fasten the belt around waist.

Canada Pooch

Life Jackets: If you’re planning to be around large bodies of water and unsure if your dog can swim, then a life jacket is handy to have for those canoe trips or just time by the lake. PetSmart Canada has a healthy assortment for all sized dogs.

Hershey loves the land and the sea.

*Lead in photo: Harley is wearing Canada Pooch Spring/Summer 2019 Follow Me Tee popsicle print.