We admit that we kinda like this working out at home idea and it looks like it will stick even when gyms open back up. There’s no more excuses like time spent in the car or public transit to get to the workout studios. Now more than ever before we have more choices to stay on our fitness journey. We can have more variety and costs are way more digestible too – thanks to workout apps on devices like Apple Fitness+ and Fitbit. And nearly every style of fitness routine can be easily accessed online. But what about the gear? Is it time to level up and add a few items to your at-home workout routines? By adding slight adjustments with weights, pillows, bands can make a big difference in helping with what you want to accomplish in your fitness goals. Here are some of our favourites we’ve added to our home studios and beyond.

Resistance Bands (aka Bootybands): We’ve tried a few and this thicker woven style band is a great choice to add to your lunges and squats helping to boost and tone your booty and keep things under control. This Everlast Light Woven Resistance Band provides 15-30 lb of resistance. Great for pilates, yoga, and strength training.

Resistance Bands: If you’ve been working out for a while and find that your routine is getting too easy, then it’s time to level up! Resistance bands can take you there. This longer band is great for pull-ups (bicep curls), leg extensions, and more. Also great for your cool-down stretching and lengthening muscles. We’ve started incorporating the Everlast Light Power Band recently that provides 24 to 48 lbs of resistance. Handy to take anywhere.

Weighted Skipping Rope: If you’re needing a good cardio warm up, a weighted skipping rope may just be right for you. The Everlast Weighted Skipping Rope one features precision ball bearing rotation to help increase speed and well made grippy handles on this skipping rope are great for all fitness levels. Find this one at various online fitness retailers including Well.ca

Yoga & Meditation Cushion: If you find it difficult to sit up straight during your yoga or meditation practice you may want to add a small cushion to help alleviate the discomfort. We adore the HalfMoon Crescent Meditation Cushion that offers the support on our hips so you can comfortably stay in position happier and longer. Several colour and pattern options available through this well respected Canadian company. Find them on their own site as well as other retailers including SportChek and Indigo.

Hula Hoops: As kids we had a lot of fun with hula hoops at school, who knew they would make such a comeback? Swirling around helps with lower back mobility and it’s an easy and fun core workout that can help tone muscles and slim the waistline. We do this while watching our favourite shows or listening to podcasts. There are hula hoop workouts you can find online (but we haven’t tried yet). But not all hula hoops are the same. We’ve found the weighted hoops to be the best options but start with a lighter weight and work your way up. You’d be surprised how much of a workout you can get with such a simple tool. We found a wide variety of hoops on Amazon.ca.

Knix Swimwear: Swimming is an excellent form of exercise, there’s a reason there’s a signup sheet for Aquafit! The low-impact lake-friendly cardio moves pretty much all your muscles. But summer is the shortest season, so don’t miss out on laps in the pool just because of your monthly. With UPF 50+ UV Protection Quick-drying material, Knix’s swimwear is fade-resistant, and chlorine and salt-water resistant. The leak-proof gusset absorbs up to 3tsp. From $50 – $115. 


Orangetheory Fitness: With an impressive app that brings the trainer to you, Orangetheory is the leader in HIIT training and their online offerings are no different. The impressive catalogue is only the start, and you only need very basic equipment to bring out your best. Flexible plans and memberships make it approachable but the impressive AWS app makes it portable for park playdates or cottage visits too.

GoZone Canada: From weights to mats, you’re likely still searching for some gear to round out your home gym and the economical and accessible finds from GoZone are easy add-ins. We love their Neoprene-coated Hex Dumbbells in an assortment of gut-check weights, and their MicroFresh tech ensures your gym pursuits aren’t spoiled by your own stink.